The process of erosion is very natural, but it turned out that it was never a friend to people. The main reason in the North-West is due to the wet weather and heavy rains often caused soil being washed off peoples’ property or even accumulate against the side of their homes. The solution for this type of problems is using retaining walls. Their main task is to hold back earth. Of course, there are walls that are meant for purely aesthetic uses, allowing a hill to be made to enclose a garden, for example. Anyway, retaining walls are a terrific component to your home, at the same time creating more usable surface area in a landscape design. When speaking about the materials being used for making retaining walls, railroad ties and found stone are the most commonly used ones.



Having the definite purpose of keeping back or moving earth, retaining walls are still very much used nowadays. They may also provide more usable yard for the property. So, no matter if you choose to have a concrete flat wall that will look industrial or a quarried stone retaining wall that you can be proud of, it must above all match the design to your home’s exterior design.


Should you want to enclose a garden, garden walls are the ones to use! This way, you can get a terraced garden that your neighbors will be envious of. It is an elegant addition to any home design, creating a wall of flowers and shrubbery. This can surely make a difference on a summer day spent in the garden with your friends! Take the chance and try! You will see that the outcome will be very nice! We are here to help you.