Many home owners in Portland / Vancouver Metro like to improve their home outlook from time to time. Nevertheless when its time comes, not a lot is known about the right things to do: e.g. water statue effects that are added on the property, ranging from a water fountain, to a Henri fountain can have a effect on the garden area. If you have a natural source of water in your garden, then you should totally make the most of it and design the outdoor space around it, in order to make the space, calm and tranquil, or else you are missing out and wasting an opportunity from nature.  Luong Landscaping undoubtedly can help you to achieve this goal.



Our design team will work with your budget to help you make decisions such as adding a waterfall (often called water blade) to your outdoor living space,or for a small budget then a scaled back fountain or statue water feature may be in fitting your requirements. Features large and small will still give many hours of relaxation and help you to sculpt your outdoor space to your specific design points. E.G, looking at adding just a birdbath to your outdoor space, will help to get more nature to your garden. So if you want the sound of bird song and watching them in your garden then this cheap feature can specifically add great depth. Then again a large water feature may give a large splashing watery sound and be very relaxing. Its down to you.