A fence provides protection and security to your property, children and pets. It also helps to beautify your yard and garden by increasing the curb appeal.  When helping you to choose a fence design for your house, our design team will discuss and help you to understand the purpose you want it to serve. There are different material (wood, metal, plastic) and designed styles. Our design team can help to choose what is best for you.



Picket fence - This is one of the most popular fence styles. It imparts a traditional look to your house. The feature that makes it unique is its simplicity. This design is best for cottage-style houses, especially those that have English-style gardens.

Lattice-top fence - This style of fencing adds a decorative element to your yard. It features the use of diamond shaped fence posts. You can choose either horizontal or vertical openings for this style of fencing. These are ideal for those who want to grow vines over their fences.

Standard design fence - This is the most basic style of fencing and is reliable too.

Split-rail fence - This is popular choice for those who own a house of rustic style. Installing a split-rail fence can add a Southwestern touch to your house